Hey y’all! I’m sooo excited to be blogging again! For those of you that knew about my former blog, you’ll agree with me that it didn’t end up well. I wasn’t ready; that’s what my shrink told me *teeth* but now, uhm, my shrink hasn’t told me if i’m ready or not but i know i REALLY want to do this… I want you to come along on this ride with me as we go through lotsa stuff – fiction and non-fiction; prose, poetry, photography, polls, bla bla and bla… Uhm, I just realized that this introductory piece will be coming after the first post but, who says it has to be before it? *grin* Please, feel free to comment, share, criticize (nicely) and all the likes, i’d really like to ‘not do this alone’… I don’t want this to be long ‘cos i’ve got this tendency to ‘blab’ a lot so, i’ll stop ‘talking’ and let actions speak louder than words… Finally, i’ll say, WELCOME! Thanks for reading too, it means a lot to me. Lotsa love.

Queen Oset


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