The Addict

crystal-methHe slammed his glass on the table, stood up suddenly, jerked her off her seat and flashed his business partner a ‘plastic’ smile.
“We’ve got to go now Wole. I’ll call you” He extended his palm for a handshake.
“Oh, come on… I was really enjoying my conversation with her” Wole smiled at her.
She smiled back, awkwardly. “We’ll see again. We have to go now”
“Ok. Can I have your number, if you wouldn’t mind?”
She stole a look at him. “Uhm…”
“I’ll give it to you the next time we see” He snapped.
“Why don’t…”
He cut in. “Take care!”
He began to walk out of the bar and dragged her along with him.
She didn’t utter a word as he unlocked the door of the car, opened it for her and shut it after her as she settled in the seat. He went over to the driver’s side, got in, started the engine and drove onto the road. They had gone about five miles away from the bar when he pulled off the road and parked by the road side.
She lost use of her sight for a split second as he slapped her across the face.
“You bastard! Didn’t I tell you to keep your mouth shut when we’re with him?”
“I’m sorry” She stuttered.
“Idiot! You think I didn’t notice you were trying to flirt with him?”
Tears streamed down her face. “I wasn’t. I swear”
“Shut up!” She hunched over as a slap came landing on her face, again.
“You just don’t heed to simple instructions, that’s the problem I have with you. Don’t talk, don’t go anywhere, and don’t call this person or that person… What’s the big deal in adhering to simple instructions as those?” He roared.
She shook with painful tears.
He punched the steering wheel and let out hot air. “Get out of my car!”
She looked up, battered. “Baby, it’s almost midnight”
She didn’t want him to say it again – without using words of course – so she opened the door and jumped out with the last of her strength before he made her.
She sat on the cold, hard ground, weeping uncontrollably as she watched him zoom off without a second thought.

“Yes? Come in”
She sat up on the bed as Tara walked into the room with a bowl in her hand and a towel hung around her neck.
“Look at you” Tara set the bowl on the tiled floor and dipped the towel into it.
She sighed and shut her eyes to prevent the tears from coming.
“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Tara put the towel against her swollen cheeks.
She winced in pain.
“He will definitely kill you soon”
She chuckled sadly. “Come on Tara, he’s not that bad”
“Oh, really? He’s not that bad and you’ve had three broken ribs, lost two teeth, taken countless stitches and fractures because of him!” She waved her hand and laughed sarcastically “Tell me how bad he can become!”
“It’s my fault”
“Please don’t give me that crap!”
“No, really. I should just stick with all he says and wants and he wouldn’t have to raise a finger against me”
“Are you listening to yourself? A man tells you not to have any friend or call any and has virtually messed up the cordial relationship you have with your family all because he wouldn’t let you go and see them or let them come and see you, he takes you out just to show off and if you dare to make any conversation, you’re doomed! You cannot even step out of the house without his permission!”
“Tara, you’re making this worse than it looks”
“Babe, are you normal? I’m making this worse than it looks?” She scoffed “I told you not to move in with him in the first place but you wouldn’t listen”
“Look, I’m stuck on this one. There’s no way out for me” She let the tears fall.
Tara moved closer to her and took her palms in hers. “Sweetheart, there is. You can’t live like this”
“I already am and I can’t change it” She sniffed hard “I’m an addict, a hopeless and helpless one. He is my crystal meth and if that’s what will kill me, so be it”
It was Tara’s turn to shed tears. “Even crystal meth addicts are rehabilitated. You don’t have to die on this one, baby”
“Forget it, Tara. Just help me with my face”
“Tara, please”

His heart skipped several beats as three uniformed men walked up to him on the queue. He knew what they had come for and also knew he had nowhere to run to so he quietly dropped his suitcase and travelling documents and raised his hands above his head in surrender.
The policemen issued him his Miranda warnings, handcuffed him and led him away from the departure lounge of the international airport.

Tara stood by the six-foot deep hole gaping at her from the ground and couldn’t find the tears.
“… Dust to dust, ashes to ashes…”
Tears of pain and sorrow filled the atmosphere but Tara still couldn’t get her share.
“You could have been rehabilitated, but you chose to die on your crystal meth… Maybe someday, you’ll make me understand”


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