The Spirit vs. The Body

So, they say we shouldn’t spend time on our body because it’ll die but the spirit, which they say we should spend more time on, is the one that will never die… Hmmm, I think I agree with the ‘never dying spirit’ part (If you get that) but that you shouldn’t spend time on your body ‘cos it’ll die? Nah!

I definitely do not consent to spending too much time or being overly obsessed with the body but I’ll advocate for not just spending time on my body but spending time to look good because when I step out, I want to step out with class, poise and grace and I want to make sure that the glory of God radiating from my inside is not dimmed by my ‘outside’ (Do you get that?)

If your body didn’t really matter, why then did God give it to you? He just could have made you a ‘spirit’ walking around and I’ll see how you visibly impact and impart your generation (I can just imagine if we all were invisible… umm, freaky!)

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the body is more important than the spirit; all I’m just trying to say is that one shouldn’t be given attention at the detriment of the other… Take time to care for your body – wear well ironed and well tailored clothes that suit your figure and colour, eat and sleep well, make-up, e.t.c – don’t be so stingy when it comes to spending on yourself and mind how and what you look like; work at being a better person and most of all, take even more time to care for your spirit and mind what you feed it with – spend time on your knees and with the word.


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