Religion, Doctrines And The Child

I’m not writing this to raise any form of argument nor controversy, neither is it to condemn any particular denomination nor sect but, I’ve been hearing, reading and seeing a lot of things, as regards religious doctrines, these days and I just thought to pen my thoughts and opinion about them.
The most recent one – although it’s stale news to many – is the wedding ceremony of the children of ministers of a particular Christian denomination and the intensity of the dust it had raised. I just couldn’t ignore all the rancour it has caused and I kept asking myself “what is it gaan?” I’ve looked at the pictures of the wedding again and again and I don’t see what in Jupiter was wrong with what the bride wore although, the major issue has not been what the bride wore but the fact that what she wore and some other aspects of the wedding (means of transportation, mode of conduct, food etcetera), were against the doctrinal beliefs and regulations of that church which regular members of the church are made to strictly adhere to.
Now, the newlyweds, who are supposed to be enjoying a perfect honeymoon, are worrying their poor heads over the suspension of the bride’s father as a minister in the church, their own suspension as workers in the church and the possible resignation of the groom’s father. I ask again, “what is it gaan?”
Right now, I can recollect several cases of children born into and raised in homes that practice religions with peculiar doctrinal beliefs and how they grew up turning against those beliefs and doctrines. In some of the cases, the children actually went to the extreme and when I say extreme, I mean that in every sense of the word. But, in other cases, they were just finding and creating an image and personality for themselves. I mean, every person gets to a point in their lives where they make choices – on who they want to be, what they want to look like, what they want to believe in, what religion they want to practice and some other major things – and I think each person should be allowed to do what they think is right. Yes, with guidance in some really crucial matters but not with imposition or force.
I have heard some parents say that their children must practice whatever religion they do but please, I hold the view that you should cut the child some slack! What if he is not seeing things from your own point of view or is not convinced about it like you are? I think if a parent has a child going ‘against’ their beliefs, and they think the child is on the wrong path, they should just prayerfully convince the child about it and not force it down his throat most especially if that child is no longer a child. I believe that prayers work for everything, if you know whom you’re praying to. Forcing a child to do what you do or see it like you see it will only make that child what you were originally trying to guard against. Force, I do not believe, is the solution to anything life-long.
Now, as regards the religion itself and its rulers and their doctrines, well, I really do not have much to say because when it comes to issues of faith, one has to be very careful so as not to blaspheme and incur holy wrath. But, just one thing, why don’t we teach our children to search for and find the truth of these faiths by themselves and live according to the conviction they receive? If truly there is truth in the faith we profess and we teach them what path to follow in finding it, they definitely will land in this truth and gain the same conviction you have and live by it therefore, the need to force something down their throats does not arise because they, by themselves, ‘put their throats deep down into it’ and chose to leave it there.
If I see what you see and believe what you believe, there wouldn’t be a need for us to fight about what is and what is not because we are both on the same page! Let every man live – even his faith – according to his own conviction. You think he is wrong, prayerfully let him see what is right.


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