Letter To My Future Husband (2)

ImageOlolufe mii,

I had to put my lunch aside to write you this; T.O’s wife just made me ‘love you more’. She put this magnificent post on facebook that brought tears to my eyes; about how her husband is such a MAN because only a true man can do all those things she wrote. And a man is only a man when he has God in him because God is love and only a man that loves God can love his wife like that. And I thought, “men like this are rare” but it just occoured to me that no matter how rare or scarce they are, you are one of them. I’m grateful I have a MAN.

Olu mii, I prayed for you again just a few minutes ago. I prayed that God will make you ‘worth dying for’, that you’ll be the man I’ll wake up every morning and wonder why I got someone so good. I prayed for a father, a friend, a helper, a soulmate, my own lover, my own ‘missing rib-cage’. I prayed for a man I’ll be crazy about and head-over-heels in love with.

I’m not a selfish woman (the spirit of God in me helps me not to be) so I prayed for myself too and I prayed that I’ll be all of these and even more for you too… that I’ll be the sort of woman that’ll make everyday of your life worth living and the bestest companion as we fight for and journey to a glorious home.

Baby, I love you already and every passing moment when something ‘that concerns’ you comes up, I’m like; “how much longer?” When on earth are you coming? Where in the universe are you? Are you white or black? or maybe you’re Hispanic or Caucasian? Maybe you’re very tall like Tyler Perry or maybe you’re just an average Six-feet guy; maybe you’re all muscles like Rico Ball or you have just a normal toned guy body.

What’s your favourite meal? (I can pound yam o… lol!) What colour do you like best? Pastime? You must be a music freak too because if you’re not, I’ll frustrate you o! (Olo’un o ni je!) are you Hausa? Ibo? Yoruba? Bini? Ijaw? Itsekiri? Fulani? Tiv? Jamaican? American? English? Zulu? Welsh?… You’ve got me imagining a lot of things boy, you’re driving me crazy! Better hasten your steps and get here like now!!! (LOL!)

I prayed one very important prayer too; that God should keep us ‘while we wait’… I know He will.

Bask in His love hun,

Take real good care of yourself; I soooooo love you…

Your baby.




11 thoughts on “Letter To My Future Husband (2)

  1. Wow, Queen this is so lovely and real. It just flows from your heart in a great way. Shows how much beauty lies in that heart of yours. It’s my first time here. I guess I av to visit more often to find beautiful writings. Kudos dear *smiles*

  2. Hmmm…. oseti, just stumbled on this, didn’t know there was a new blog not fair. Anyways so glad I had something to do this morning, thanks to your blog. Wish I could comment on all. You really write WELL, olorun a tubo ma fun E mo se (I hope that’s correct) . Thumbs up

  3. I have heard two friends talk about your writings and that of Lordjosh.
    Then I remembered you as my Chapel school mate, and I smiled, happy about the tales I heard, but never bothered to check.
    But today, like you wrote in a story of your’s about ‘hoping that rainmakers stop rain, though your character believed that only God could do so’. I was reading wonderful online blog stories, and I wanted the storymakers to continue.
    So I remembered I heard Queen Oset writes.
    And I hoped it would be your name @word press, for I knew I couldn’t second guess your nick name.
    And at a click.. there you were. Pouring your heart in an amazing way.
    I admire the words you used, and I am inspired in a wide way, which I hope would sink deep enough to get me on my kneels and that Keyboard.
    Writers can never get enough compliments for their art, but I sincerly hope that yours announces you and warm your readers to a life long essence.
    God bless you.
    (Bolanle Olosunde)

  4. Wow…. Seeing dis will drive any man crazy…. makes me hope to be the man… i pray for more wisdom for u… keep it up, u are going places… love u

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