By Molly Bellwether…

I love baking. So, yesterday, I decided to try out something new which I think turned out really nice but, a friend of mine didn’t think so and teased me to ‘tears’ about it (kidding)… To appease me, he spontaneously wrote this beautiful piece for me which I promised to publish. I’ve always thought he’s a good writer but with this, I think he’s fantastic!

It began with an imaginary time-out together (still continued as same though). Please, enjoy…

“Can I take you on a walk?”

“Really? Of course!”

“One condition though; you have to be here every step of the way. Deal?”


“Shall we then?”

And our walk goes like…

We walk out the door and here’s what we see as we step out onto the porch, a beautiful sunset. An orange sun peeping from behind the distant plains; it’s a warm evening but lovely in every way.

We take a left turn down the road and the evening was turning out to be a perfect one; even the birds testified as they sang beautiful melodies in the trees. We talked and laughed about all sorts, shared our plans and dreams, decided on timelines together… It was every thing the word friendship represented.

But, there was more. We had circled back to the front of the house now and we still had day light so, I said I’d love to show you some place and we get in the car for a ride. We didn’t have to open the doors, it was a convertible coupe so, we jumped in and off we went!

Heading towards the outskirts of town a little, I ask you to close your eyes and wait till I ask you to open them. After a while, we turned off good road and you could tell we were now on a dirt road which was a little rough but, on we went. A few more minutes and the car came to a halt.

“Still close your eyes” I said as I jumped out of the car to come and get your door and lead you. You stepped out as I supported you, you took a few steps as I led you on and then, finally I said, “now, you may open your eyes”

You held your breath as you took in the scene. For a moment, your body diverted every function into the brain as it took in what was before your eyes; in that moment, breathe didn’t sustain life, beauty did. And you lived. You lived on the beauty of a vast stream gently flowing, it’s sound was harmoniously joined by the birds chirping above and the flowers moving to the rhythm of the wind. We sit side by side, no words spoken but, every word heard.



Thanks for this beautiful piece Molly. You rock!!!  


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