Celebrating YOU!!!

When it began to occour to me that my 21st birthday was drawing near – which was like a month ago or less – I began to think about what I’d want the day to be like. I thought of the regular birthday stuffs; music, food, dance, lots of friends, gifts, new clothes, possibly a makeover, a bash… bla bla bla, but none of them ‘caught’ my attention. I gave my thoughts a little more time and I finally concluded on what I wanted – a gathering of all (or maybe most) of the people that make up my life so I could tell them what they mean and have always meant to me. I was going to say something about every person or group of persons present but, unfortunately, ASUU and some other factors have made this seemingly impossible… *insertsadfacehere*

BUT, thanks be to God who causes us to triumph and has made possible the seemingly impossible! *grin* He gave me a miracle – the internet! So, I still have my birthday wish… Err, I’m not writing in any particular order so, the fact that one comes last doesn’t mean they’re least important and I’ll also try not to mention too many names for obvious reasons… So…

Pop and M’aami… I really should start with you because you have been the first of so many things to me. First teachers, first love, first ‘boss’, first friends, first critique, first fans, first sister, first so many-things-I-can’t-keep-writing. I could ask for better parents but I won’t because I don’t want better parents, I want you, dad and mum. Today, I want to say it again that I love you loads and, thank you for being the first to show me God.

AdeOluwa, who ever said big brothers suck? They must need a check-up because you rock and I mean it. I love the little baseless fights with you, the teasing and poking and ‘leg-pulling’, the heart-to-heart moments, the hailing and praising when I’m making sense, the lashing and ‘washing’ when I’m not, the ‘fringe benefits’ of kid-sisterhood and the pride with which you ‘broadcast’ me to everyone that cares to know that you’ve got a sister. Do you know how I judge who your ‘real’ friends are? If I get to meet or talk with them and they say that phrase “I’ve heard a lot about you”… I love you.

The girls – you are special. Each one of you is special and irreplaceable because to me, every one of you was placed in my life for particular purposes and you sure are doing what you are to. You’ve been roommates, ‘block-mates’, housemates, classmates, ‘church-mates’, schoolmates, seatmates, ‘fellowship-mates’… You’ve been sisters. Thank you for the times you’ve brought smiles to my face, opened up your hearts to me, trusted me, ‘scolded’ me, edged me on, coaxed me into doing ‘silly’ but fun things, encouraged me, discouraged me, prayed for and with me, ‘fought’ with me, spent time with me and wiped tears off my face. I couldn’t ask for better friends.  

The guys – honestly, I love you (In holiness and purity *grin*). I don’t think I have tooooo  many of you but sometimes, I feel like I have a gazillion because each one of you is ‘plenty’! (I mean that in a very good way)… Relationships that started from ‘hellos’ and ‘hi-s’ and’ heys’ and ‘sups’ have grown into what I cherish completely. What has kept me thrilled and glued are how you can meanly tell me that my make-up sucks or that my dress fits terribly and still adore me and how you trust me enough to be vulnerable with me. Thanks guys.

My one and only, what can I say? You need to see the way my chin is sitting on my intertwined fingers just because I’m thinking of the right words to convey what’s on my mind about you… You sure know that you’re uniquely special and that you mean so much to me. I’m so grateful for you and the so much that you are to me and could still be. Thank you for loving me.

El Elyon, the One whom without, I am nothing. Words fail me. You know how many times I just lie down, shut my eyes, seal my lips and let my heart converse with You because what my heart bears for You, my lips have not found expression for. I owe You more than I can pay and I’m grateful You don’t even see me as a debtor. Thank You for not leaving me all these years, even when I did; thank You for those arms always spread out wide to receive me. Thank You for giving me hope inspite of everything and still thinking the best of me. Thank You for bringing me here and for where You’re taking me to. Thank you Lord for loving me.

Friends, family, acquaintances, well-wishers, companions, assitants, colleagues, mates, haters, fans… To everybody that I can look back and say that at one point or the other has been a part of my story, I’m saying it out loud, on top of my lungs, with everything within me that;

  “I care about and love you gazillions!!! Thank you for being a part of my story… It’s been quite rough but lots better because you’re a part of it”…

And to me, I say ‘Happy 21!’ You know you just began!



Queen Oset


2 thoughts on “Celebrating YOU!!!

  1. Happy birthday love… may this be that year you have been waiting for IJN, all your good heart desires would come to pass, as you step into another year it shall mark new beginnings of wonderful things in your life IJN. have fun today oseti…

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