Per Intermissa

Lus acredis fisi el masi foruim abes il molux.
Hudi amoxa anior durei que mnenex.
Gurist hum kulist guim abes…

Well, if you can decipher those first three lines, then you should be coaching people Gibberish 101 because that’s what’s up there! I don’t have an iota of an idea what those words mean, I was just being naughty and felt like pulling some stunts *hehehe*
So that’s my way of saying “hello! I’m back from my long hiatus!” By the way, “Per Intermissa” is supposed to mean “After the hiatus” in Latin (I hope I got it right) and before you ask, I’m not exactly in for telling the stories behind why I’ve been away for so long. Well, I never was a regular blogger anyway but, e be like say this one pass irregular shey? Anyway, I’m back and I can promise you that childbirth is not one of the reasons why I was away (It will be in a few years anyway).
There’ll be some spicing-up around here so you can like to look out for the ‘spices’…
Today is 25.02.2014… Sometime around 04:00 this morning marked exactly three years that a princess ceased to make her home around here… And I’ll be putting up a tribute in honour of her.
Uhm, I think here’s a great chance to exit. I’ll see you guys around.

Queen Oset


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