TRIBUTE – VERA TEMITOLA OSET (Apr. 23, 1997 – Feb. 25, 2011)

It was the usual Friday in my sophomore year in the UI – no class; lots of playing around and sleeping – until Mrs. A, my guardian, called me sometime in the evening. Amazing! Shocking! Mrs. A never called me; well, she almost never did. To add to the surprise, she had sort of ‘missed’ my face and wanted me to come and visit her… at home!!! I wasn’t pleased, far from it; I was scared and worried. I kept asking my friends to guess what it was that I had done wrong and she wanted to ‘talk’ to me about. Maybe she had checked my grades and saw that they were not so good or maybe I had misbehaved somewhere and she caught me ‘in action’ without my knowledge… my mind kept drawing up reasons for the sudden call and visit.
I reluctantly picked up a bag and packed up some toiletries and clothes for the night and kept telling my friends that I was going to be back by the next morning at the latest. To add to my worries, Mrs. A was extremely nice and jovial when she came to pick me that evening (Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a mean person o). She personally served me dinner when we got to her house, had me watch TV and made sure the kids did not disturb me. Now all of those added to my worries – you don’t watch TV in Mrs. A’s house when school is in session, you read, read, read and… read! When Dad called me later that night, I was just beginning to tell him that Mrs. A had come to pick me from school and all when he also began to tell me that they had arranged for her to come and pick me up and that they also had called Petra earlier in the day and she was crying. Why did they want me in Mrs. A’s house? Why would Petra be crying? Was she alright? What happened? … I can never forget his next sentence… “Vera fell sick last night and died” … Up till now, I can’t remember the few seconds after that.
Vera O – like all that loved you fondly called you – you were that girl that made us all laugh. It was either going to be your jokes or something you’d do that’d send everyone laughing, sometimes till they had tears in their eyes. Your laughter still rings in my ears like you’re seated right beside me; it always sounded like the clucking of a hen mixed with some sort of funny grunt like that. And it always made me laugh.
You were the girl we all wanted around. There was this air around you we yearned to have around us. You bore calm, exuded grace, embodied beauty and poise and breathed love. You cherished your friends and family even more. Vera, you were strong, inside and out, even until you breathed your last. I know that you cared a lot about God and He definitely did same, and still does, about you.
It’s been three years and I can’t tell you that tears don’t sometimes seep through the corners of our eyes when we remember you but then, I can tell you that sometimes when we remember you, we laugh our hearts out talking about and acting out ‘you’; we are challenged by the level of commitment you had towards your relationships and the depth of love you displayed. I also can tell you that God has been with us all the way and He has given us so great comfort.
Sweetheart, rest on in the bosom of our father, the One who gave you to us. The One who decided to take you when He felt was best. Ka bi Won o si.
That we love you is an understatement. That we miss you is mincing words.
Sleep on angel … Until the resurrection.
Thanks for putting smiles on our faces while you did.



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