TRIBUTE – SHARON PRAISE AROWOLO (Aug. 2nd 1989 – Jul. 7th 2014)

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I saw you with both my eyes only twice your whole life but, we spoke on phone more times than I can recollect and never did distance happen to be a barrier in the short-lived relationship we had. Sharon, the first time I met you, I was hit by your frail form, you looked like you couldn’t even carry yourself but, by the time I heard you speak for a few minutes, I realized that if our faith weighed on our physical frame, even my body wouldn’t have been able to carry the kind of faith you had. Until I met you, I had never experienced firsthand THAT kind of faith. If we could earn our miracles only by the level of faith we have, you would have earned yours Sharon.

You spoke of your testimony with confidence even though if we were to judge by what our eyes could see, you didn’t look ‘too well’. I can picture the kind of relationship you had with your maker, something like you could see and touch Him physically… Our conversations were never complete until you said to me how much you loved me and more importantly, how good God is and that I should never let go of Him. You always told me to hold on to God – tightly.
Your tiny voice will ring in my ears forever saying “God is fauthful”. You ran (Lois said you crawled sef, and I agree), you fought…you just kept going on and now that the battle is over and the race completed, I can tell anyone anywhere that you finished strong.

Sharon, you quickened my faith, you challenged it. I remember telling you at camp last year that if all God made you come to camp for was me, your mission was well accomplished. I ‘fell in love’ with you in ways that words cannot describe. Each time I heard your voice, my spirit was strengthened. In fact, you encouraged me more than I did you.

When I spoke with you three days before you passed and you sounded frail and weak, and I was the one encouraging you, I sensed something but, I still prayed. He still chose to take you home and I still judge Him FAITHFUL.

Sharon, I can never forget you, even if I had a memory block. Your faith. Your love. Your strength. Your hope… I can never forget. Cheer on sis, cheer on! I’ll fight, I’ll run, I’ll walk, in His grace and then, when the lights go out on my stage, I want to join you in the presence of the One you loved the most; in Whose arms you now rest.

Sleep on sis. Till resurrection morning.
You ARE loved.



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