TRIBUTE – Adekunle ‘Benkay’ Okeowo (1952-2014)


This is probably the most difficult tribute I’ve ever had to write and for a born-writer to be at a loss for words, then that to be written about has to be a serious issue.

My issue here is Benkay – our hero, our legend, who has gone home to rest.

Before I met Benkay, I had heard lots about him, all admirable things and when I finally met him, I marveled at how a man could be so good.

Fun. Humble. Selfless. Simple. Friendly. Warm. Intelligent. Eloquent. Brilliant. Articulate. Gifted. Loving. Approachable. Dedicated… These are the few words that come to my mind now to describe him.


In conversing with him, never did I feel that he was my grand-uncle’s mate. We all called him Benkay! In working with him, never did I feel incapable or inadequate. Benkay could make you feel like you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

We may not be able to set our physical eyes on your tangible face anymore but you’ve left behind more than enough of yourself for us to keep looking at. Your legacies live on and they sure are great ones.

For those who never met you, they can conclude on the kind of man that you were from the breed of children you raised.

I wish I could step into CATBOL one more time and meet you sitting at that table and hear you say with a broad smile and vibrant voice “Hey Queen! Bawo ni? How are you?” even before I can say my greetings.

Incase death thinks its got victory, I want it to know that we don’t have a loss here, it’s a huge WIN.

BENKAY – The Legend. Your Legacies Live On Sir.


met hi


One thought on “TRIBUTE – Adekunle ‘Benkay’ Okeowo (1952-2014)

  1. RIP Benkay….,,He didn’t know me personally but he acted around me like he knew when I was born..We are going to miss him..

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