To My Guardian Angel #ThrowBackPoem


I don’t know what you look like
But I know what you feel like.
I’ve not seen you
But I know you.

When I feel alone and unwanted
You’re always by my side to keep me company
When I want to make decisions and I’m scared
You’re always there to lead me aright.

You have a sense of feeling
And you understand me better than I understand myself.
When everybody seems to be confused about me
You’re not.

You’re closer to me than my skin
You’re the only friend I have that I have not seen
But I’m always sure and will always be sure that you’ll be here.

I know you won’t be tired of me
And please, never leave me to myself.
Thank you for all your troubles on me
I’m grateful.


P.S: I sincerely apologise for the ‘everything’ that has to do with not putting up this post by 09:00am. It was due to some technical issues.


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