Pierced – Ep. 1

Shoot me. Slap me. Punch me. Do all you want to me, I deserve it. I’m so sorry I didn’t post at 07:00pm… Please forgive me… Here’s the first episode…


Kamal reached for Elsie’s palm as the credits to the movie rolled up the screen and gently rubbed it with his thumb; she looked away from the screen to his face and smiled. That smile that he once told her put butterflies in his tummy.
“Did you like the movie?”
“Oh, I did! Now I see why you were bent on us coming to see it”
She still had the smile.
“I should have known anyway” he continued, “you always make the best of choices”
“Thanks baby”
He planted an affectionate kiss on her forehead.
The cinema was almost empty now and the traffic at the door had reduced. They got up still holding hands and made for the exit. It was chilly outside. It had been cloudy when they were on their way to the film house earlier in the evening and the rain had fallen torrentially as they saw the movie.
Elsie shivered slightly and as Kamal noticed, he pulled her closer to himself, vigorously rubbed her arms to generate warmth and led her to the car.
“So, what’s up with the US course application? You muttered something about it as we drove here”
“Uh, yeah. The director said the head office hasn’t given any response yet so we’re still waiting for that”
“Oh, ok”
He settled in the driver’s seat and turned to look her in the eyes. “You’re not worried, are you?”
She raised a brow and chuckled. “Worried?”
“About me being away for six months”
“Worried is not the word Kam, missing you terribly sounds more like it”
She raised her gaze to match his. “How am I supposed to do six months without you?” Her words got stuck in her throat as she fought back tears.
He sighed heavily. They’d been over this a few times and even though they knew his going away was inevitable, it didn’t change how they felt about being apart for so long. If not for the trip, they were supposed to be planning their wedding.
“I promise I’ll call you everyday first thing in the morning and last thing at night giving you details of everything I do”
“It’s not about what you’ll be up to Kam, it’s about you not being here with me”
A tear slipped out her left eye and she quickly wiped it off with the back of her hand.
Kamal pulled her close for the umpteenth time that night.
“I’ll be here El” he touched the left side of her chest, “all the time, all the way”
She buried her head in his chest, whined a little bit and then, suddenly sat up again and flashed a smile.
“We’ll be fine” she patted his shoulder, “let’s go”


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