Count Your Blessings #ThrowBackPoem


When all seems gloomy
And discouraging
When you feel depressed
And unwanted
When life seems to have let you down
And you’re disappointed
Learn to count your blessings

When you want to complain about your food
Remember the hungry and starved
When you want to complain about your clothes
Remember the naked and cold

When you think your house is not befitting your status
Remember the homeless and sun-beaten
When you think your job is too hectic
Remember the unemployed

When you think your car is rickety
Remember those who have to trek miles to their destination
When you think the weather is too hot
Remember the Sahara Desert

When you think life isn’t worth living
Remember those who died yesterday
When you think your children are pests
Remember the barren

When you think you don’t look good enough
Just smile
When you think dying is better than living with that disability
Remember those who need you around
When you think God has abandoned you
Remember those who don’t know Him at all

In all of life’s challenges
Learn to count your blessings.



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