Pierced – Ep. 4



Elsie held Kamal’s arms around her bosom as they both snuggled in the three-sitter couch in her mother’s sitting room. He bit softly on her earlobe with his lips and she chuckled, throwing her head back into his neck as if to run away from him.

“That’s ticklish, you know” 

“That’s the idea. I want you to laugh”. He caught her lobe between his lips again.

She burst out laughing this time. “Thanks for coming baby”

“Well, you said you weren’t feeling up to going out so I had to figure out something. It’s better being indoors with you anyway”

“When no one else is around”

“Yeah. Indoors, all alone with you”

She chuckled again. “Flight’s in four days, uh?”

“Yeah, four days” He took his arms off her and sat up at her back. “We aren’t still sad, are we?”

She sat up too, resting her back against the arm rest opposite him, her legs reaching to his hips.

“I don’t think I am, at least, not as sad as I was before now”

His lips spread out in a broad smile. “That makes me glad”

“My mind won’t be at rest if I had to leave you here sad”

She playfully lifted his T-shirt with the big toe of her right foot. “And I don’t want you in a state of unrest, so, sadness is gone”

“Thanks baby”

She grunted softly in reply. Her eyes locked with his and she gave him a seductive wink coupled with a mischievous smirk.

He gave a short defenseless laugh. “Elsie, what are you turning into? We’re in your mother’s sitting room!”

“Oh, please shut your mouth and come over here! Mum won’t be back for two more hours”

Like a remote-controlled robot, with a silly grin on his face, Kamal leaned over to catch his girl’s lips in a sizzling kiss.

“I’m back o”

The lovers jumped off the couch in utmost shock. They had been so engrossed in that steaming moment they didn’t notice Elsie’s mother come in.

“Mum, you’re back?” Elsie managed to talk after an eternity of awkward silence.

“Aren’t I?”

The older woman dropped her purse on the same couch the lovers had sprang out from and she settled down beside it, her eyes on both of them as if they would continue what she interrupted if she didn’t keep watch.

“Good afternoon ma”

“Aaahhh! Kamal, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma”

“How are my in-laws, hope you’re hearing from them?”

He shifted on his feet uneasily. “Yes ma, they are fine”

Toh, thank God. My regards to them o”

Kamal nodded. The silence returned.

“Uh, Kam was just about leaving?” Elsie moved close to Kamal and gently poked him in the side.

“Yes! Yes ma, I was just going to leave”

Eh ehn…” The mother raised a brow and looked from her daughter to the young man and then back to her daughter, trying her best to hold down the laughter brewing in her stomach. Both of them were looking above her gaze.

“Bye-bye ma” Kamal bowed slightly then began to move towards the door.

“I’ll see him off”.  His woman followed behind him.

“Ok o, my regards to my in-laws o”

“We’re in trouble!” Kamal said, as he unlocked the door to his car.

“I don’t think we are” The lady was calmer.

Kamal’s eyes widened. “Really? You choose to ignore the sarcasm in her words?”

“Not exactly. But, we aren’t kids either”

“It’s not me smooching you that is the problem, it’s doing so in your mother’s sittin…”

Elsie caught the rest of his words in a kiss. “Go home. I’ll see you in the morning”

Kamal, as if hypnotized, got into his car, started the engine and drove off with a silly grin on his face – the aftermath of Elsie’s kiss.

Elsie returned into the house to meet her mother still in the same position they’d left her.

“So you’ve slept with him” The older woman blurted.


“Maybe you should even get pregnant sef so that he can have a reason to come back to you”

“He leaves in four days”

“Four days is more than enough time to get pregnant if you know how…”

Elsie cut in. “Mum, just stop it!”

She turned around in her seat to look at her daughter who had been standing against the wall behind her all the while.

“Stop it? He’s going for six months!”

“Yes, six months, not forever!”

Ok o. I’ve said my own o

“And what was that about your in-laws? You haven’t even met his family!”

Her mother laughed. “So that he can remember that he has an investment here. Five years is long enough for me to refer to his parents as my in-laws!”

Elsie’s mother got on her feet, picked up her purse and walked out of the room. The younger woman stood still against the wall with a gazillion thoughts racing through her mind.


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