I Imagine Him #ThrowBackPoem


So here’s the last in the #ThrowBackPoem series… Thanks for reading. I really hope you loved my simple, innocent words…

</emI sat down
Closed my eyes
And imagined what He looks like
I got so many pictures in my head

I imagined Him as a bright little candle in a dark room
I imagined Him as a deep, blue ocean
As endless space
As a cute beautiful dove

I got the picture of Him as a handsome young man
Dressed in sparkling white robe
I imagined Him as music in a sorrowful heart
I imagined Him as cold water to a dehydrated soul
I imagined Him as a stem of red rose amongst a bush of thorns

I couldn't help imagining Him as an extinguisher to a burning heart
A lake in a desert
A little plant on a hard rock

I couldn't help painting Him as a smile
A laugh
A song
As joy.

With all of these,
He's GOD.



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