20 Random Facts On Queen Oset

There was this ‘20 random facts about me’ thing that was going viral at some point in time – not too long ago. I did mine with some of my friends but then, a friend suggested I put it up on my blog (Lots of bloggers did) so, I finally came round to doing it today.

WARNING:  It could be a looong boring list… Hehehehe!

  1. I have HUGE problems with people messing up my surname. It’s spelt O-S-E-T and pronounced ‘oh-set’ and not any of the variants I’ve over the years heard and seen; ‘osset’, ‘oshet’, ‘aw-set’ and ‘oh-shet’ inclusive.
  2. I have one sibling, just one awhzurm (awesome) sib and I love him to bits!
  3. I’m crazy about family. I’ll choose family first before most things (money inclusive).
  4. Yes, I’m in school studying law but, that’s as far as it goes. I’m not practicing even for one day after Law School.
  5. I L.O.V.E cooking!!! Ah! My love for food is indescribable, however, I am hardly ‘wowed’ by its consumption, I just love preparing it.
  6. I love Chocolate and Ice Cream – the only things that make me fall into the ‘regular’ girl category. I don’t squeal for any reason whatsoever, it’s way too girly!
  7. I’m introverted. I love being by myself more often than not; it’s how I unwind.
  8. I’m a terrible ‘talker’ (my words don’t co-ordinate) but, give me a pen and I’ll scribble on any surface to pass the most abstract message across. I’m a born-writer.
  9. I can get so engrossed in my writing that I wouldn’t even realize I was sitting on fire!
  10. I love reading, anything, except my school books, romance and relationship theories.
  11. I don’t think I’m crazy about adventures but I have a bucket list that includes bungee jumping and sky-diving.
  12. I have this crazy love for dreads!
  13. I can’t wear stilettos to save my life. Platforms? I can do 10”.
  14. I love my sleep. If you ever see me sleeping, please don’t wake me up except the house is burning!
  15. My mind is my greatest asset… the things it conjures eh
  16. I love surprises. I love S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E.S!!!
  17. I expect too much of people and I get disappointed a lot.
  18. I have two bibles – three years and one year respectively – and I intend to bequeath them to my children.
  19. I loooooooove cooking! Oh, I said that already yeah? *Shrugs*
  20. I LOVE God. I’m far from being a perfect child but, I’ve found myself stuck on Him.


P.S: A friend’s releasing an e-book soon. I’ll be putting up some stuffs about it in the next few days so watch out for them… and trust me, the book is DOPE!


4 thoughts on “20 Random Facts On Queen Oset

    1. We’re ‘dread-ed’ sisters right?! Cool! After law, lots – majorly, I run a culinary enterprise and that’s what I hope to spend my days doing and of course, write!
      Thanks you, Anu. It’s good to ‘see’ you here.

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