To You, My Child


Dear child,

When you were born, the doctors said, “It’s a girl!” I beamed with smiles

After a few years, they called you a lady and then, a woman; what the first man actually called you

But, I’ll call you a masterpiece.

This masterpiece is professionally designed by the greatest creator of all time, me

In fact, I’ll like to say that you’re the greatest creation of the greatest creator

There’s splendor in your frame, grace in your steps, warmth in your body, love in your eyes and comfort in your voice.

I look at you and I see shoulders that seem so frail but are strong enough to bear the burdens of generations;

I see eyes so deep and fashioned to speak love and kindness;

I see a back firm enough to hold future leaders;

I see arms strong enough to pull the world together, put it in place and push it apart;

I see feet that I designed to leave indelible prints in the sand of time.

I fashioned you so strong that you can cry all night and laugh all day as if everything was in place,

You can carry burdens in your hands as well as in your heart and still maintain your balance,

You were made to multi-task better than an all-purpose machine,

You can make and you can mar,

Life grows within and without you…

But you fail.

You fail to recognize your strength,

You fail to recognize that you’re unstoppable,

That the world is at your feet.

You fail to acknowledge your power, your glory, and your awesome form;

You’re abused, your strength misused, your grace and glory trampled upon and your beauty hidden.

My child, you do not remember that you’re a masterpiece,

That your voice can heal generations,

You hands can build generations

And your feet can lead generations…

Oh, how I wish you would just rise up and take a step,

How I wish you would dare to open your mouth and speak,

How I wish you would dare to lay your hands and build and change and make,

How I wish you would dare to say ‘no!’ to abuse and misuse,

How I wish you would dare to explore your strength and confound your weaknesses because in your weaknesses lie strength,

How I wish you would open your eyes and let the world see the beauty of the love in it and flaunt the splendor of your frame,

How I wish you would realize that generations look up to you

And how I wish you would raise your head and let the world see how strong those shoulders have been made…

How I wish you would realize that you were made to reveal glory; My glory,

You were made a MASTERPIECE.

From a Father with an aching heart.


4 thoughts on “To You, My Child

  1. this is a very wonderful piece. something I’ll like to read every morning. read to my daughter, my sons, and their wifes. pass to generations to come. a masterpiece it is. lovely piece dear.

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