My Bum Size And My Self Esteem – MyOpinion

Sometime ago, some friends and I were ‘e-discussing’ about cosmetic or plastic surgery and some other related topics and one of them asked if as Christians, we could do it or not; if it’s right or wrong, blah blah blah. I contributed my quota to the topic and let others say something but by the time the conversation was about ten minutes on, it had taken another turn. The concentration shifted from if, as Christians, we could do cosmetic surgery, to why we do cosmetic surgery as human beings generally; putting aside medical conditions and ‘corrective’ purposes. One of the guys said if the size of his nose made him feel not-too-good about himself, he’d do something about it… that was where the ‘light bulb’ for this article came up and I almost screamed out loud “Yes, I got it!”.

Personally, I think the basis for the issue of ‘readjusting’ one’s nose or getting a bigger boob size is just one major thing. What is it, you ask me? I’ll tell you. It’s called Low Self Esteem (LSE). You’re wondering Low Self Esteem ke? Yes! Low Self Esteem. Believe me or not, agree with me or not, it is LSE that will make me feel adjusting or readjusting a part of my body will make me feel better about myself. I’ll explain, don’t chop my head off yet; and at this point, maybe you should re-read the title again and digest the “MyOpinion” part of it. This is MY opinion.

Moving on. Self Esteem is basically a thing of the mind; it’s how we perceive (think and view) our self, how we ‘react’ to our self and in extension, people and situations. LSE is what will make me want to  get a ‘bum job’ because I feel the boys are flocking around that girl next door due to the voluminous size of her gluteus maximus so, if I get a larger gluteus maximus, I could get more attention from the boys too. I’m a teenage girl and I’m fat and I don’t even have the so-cool clothes and nobody wants to talk to me because I’m fat and ugly so I begin to starve myself to lose weight so I can be skinny and beautiful like the girl that won the most beautiful girl pageant last summer.

I’m sure at this point; you’re wondering “What is this girl saying?” Is she saying that those that want to lose weight are doing so because they have LSE or those that go to the gym to ‘body build’ suffer a self esteem problem? No! That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that what we feel, or better put, how we feel about our self is not really about what we look like but more about how we feel about what we look like. It is more of a function of the inside than of the outside… I’m not trying to criticize anybody here, I’m just trying to save someone money, energy and time.

Trust me, the same way you feel about yourself before going down to a size 8 from an 18 is the same way you’ll feel about yourself when you finally become an 8 because, you told yourself before you became an 8 that “If only I could become an 8, I’d be sexier and prettier” but after you became an 8, you found out that the world’s sexiest girl is a 6 so, you say to yourself, “If only I could become a 6, I’d be sexy like her” and then after you become a 6, you find out that the world’s most beautiful girl is a 2 so you say to yourself again, “If only I could…” If only… If only… If only… If only you could become a 0, you’d be dead! And forgotten too. I’m just trying to let you know that the only thing that can change how you feel about yourself is on your inside; it’s all about your mind! Take that from someone who has “been there, done that!”

Low Self Esteem is fatal, it kills! Even if your ‘readjustment’ brings all of the guys around and they’re drooling all over you like hungry lions on a chunk of meat, they’ll soon leave when your bad and nasty attitude gets up all in their faces because your self esteem affects your attitude too. LSE will make you all defensive and easily irritable and those guys won’t be able to stand that so they’ll just “use and dump” you and you’ll finally end up depressed and suicidal (Kinda harsh, but true)

If you want to lose weight, do so because it makes you healthier and fitter and not because you think it’ll make you more beautiful (You could get that as an added advantage though). If you want muscles, get them because you want to make a career out of body building and not because you think the girls don’t love you because you’re muscle-less; whatever girl will love you will love you muscle-full or not! In fact, when you’re doing things for the right reasons, you get more motivated to do them and the push and drive to go on when you’re tired or discouraged.

How we look (hair, dentition, sizes e.t.c.) add to our self esteem, true. They add, but they don’t determine or make it; if they do, why do the prettiest and handsomest of girls and guys wind up suicidal or go for nose jobs and all the likes? If only we’d get correct and proper standards and basis for the things we do and do not do, we’d save ourselves a whole lot of stress… and money. When a friend was discussing this issue with me sometime back, I argued vehemently with him that what I looked like determined how I felt about myself. Now I know better.

It’s good to dress well and take care of our bodies but not at the detriment of our minds and spirits which make us who we are. A distorted mind in a great body is as good as bad. That I’m fat and you’re thin does not make you any better than I am; in fact, I can swim better and sing better too.

All I’m just trying to do here is save someone money, energy and time because believe me; you won’t be satisfied with whatever you ‘look like’ until your mind is ‘put right’. I used to want to lose weight because I thought it’d make me prettier but now, knowing that I’m pretty fat or thin, I want to lose weight because I want a healthier and fitter me. My own mind was and is still being put right by God and great people around me.

Wake up each morning and smile. Look in the mirror and admire the wonderful creation that you are. Shop for clothes like you just lost all of that weight. Spend time taking care of yourself. Associate yourself with great minds. Sharpen your skills. Build intellect. Consume voraciously and digest healthy books and movies; don’t let the media be the judge, they’re a bad one! Love yourself. Love your environment. Welcome good change. Change the things you can, accept those you cannot. Not all battles are meant to be fought… I could go on and on and on…

I just want you to remember that your bum size has less to do with how you feel about yourself than your mind set does.


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