Suicide: The Law, The Cross, Your Life And The New Year

I was in my Criminology class the other day when the inspiration for this piece came to mind. My lecturer had raised the issue of suicide in relation to the law and my friend and I amongst a bunch of others, thought it is none of the Law’s business if one decided to take their life – I mean, how is it affecting the government if I decide to kill myself? Shouldn’t they be happy they have one less citizen to criticize their method of governance, one less citizen to ‘care’ for? I mean, they have no reason to be bothered – none at all… I think. Very rational thought, I think too.

So the government will sue any person who attempts to take their life and fails at it – because of course, they can’t sue someone who attempts to take their life and actually succeeds at doing so; they will be dead. Attempted suicide is a crime in The UK, New York, and our very own Nigeria. I’m not sure of the law pertaining to this in some other countries. The law cares about your life; so does the cross.

I’m a Christian, and I’m not ashamed to profess my faith. I am certain of the truth that God cares about our lives and wants us to live it to the fullest however, when one decides to take their own life and succeeds at it, they may have escaped the wrath of the law but, they’d still have to face God’s – the greatest of all wraths. Suicide is out rightly a sin. You ask me how I know? The bible might not have said “Thou shall not commit suicide” but, it did say “Thou shall not commit murder” and suicide is murder – murder of one’s self.

The government cares about your life, so does the cross, even more than the government does. Apparently, the only person that doesn’t care about their own life here is the owner of the life itself – You who wants to commit suicide. Why would you want to take your life? What for? I sort of came up with a few reasons I’ve over the time known and heard of;

  • Things aren’t working out right
  • Heartbreak/Betrayal from a loved one
  • Failure – school, career, business
  • Fear – of the past/future/unknown
  • Guilt and shame

I used to be suicidal – yes, I used to be – and I fell into the “Things aren’t working out right/fear of the unknown/guilt/failure” category. I thought I couldn’t make it so I felt it better to just die and put an end to my misery; there couldn’t have been a better lie than the one that said dying is better than living.

Maybe at this point, someone is wondering what exactly I’m trying to drive at with all of my rambling; I’m getting there. I’m not going to ask that you shouldn’t kill yourself; I’m only going to ask that you take one more shot at life – it’s worth it. See, it’s even more beautiful – taking another shot – seeing that we’ve stepped out of an old year and moved into a new one so, we can just say that you’re leaving an old life behind and moving into a new one. This move might not require you to change addresses and get a face job so as to be new but, it’ll require one major thing that is really necessary if this shot is going to be worth it and that is a change of heart, a change of mind.

What needs to be fixed, basically, is your heart and then, we can now move on to attempting that exam one more time or that business venture or ignoring the past and bracing up to the unknown or acknowledging the fact that we were wrong at some point and made silly and stupid choices that resulted in things we aren’t so proud of but what’s done is done and we can only effect what lies ahead of us.

There are a thousand and one things that are unknown to us in our present states and if we decide to squat back in a corner because we fear what we do not know, we’d live our lives ‘receiving’ instead of ‘deciding’ – receiving what ‘life’ hands down to us (which isn’t so much) instead of deciding what we get from life. The only person that can live your life to its best is you and that is why it was given to you, you should not let anything or anyone take it away from you, how much more yourself.

Months ago, I took another shot at life together with the New Year and it’s been worth it. I haven’t had it all rosy and smooth but, I got a change of heart, a change of mind and right now, my life’s far better than it used to be. I don’t have all of the secrets but, here are a few that have helped me so far;

  • Consume voraciously, positive information/knowledge – books, movies, songs…
  • Find a suitable means of ‘letting out’ – you may need to find someone you trust to talk to and be accountable to
  • Fix your gaze on the finish line – there are goals, you have dreams, focus on those and determine to make them happen by all means (positive means of course)
  • Keep busy – read, get involved in activities that help you and make you a means of help to others – an idle mind is said to be the devil’s workshop
  • Meet people. You’d be amazed and discover that your case isn’t ‘worth dying for’ when you hear of people’s experiences and stories
  • Embrace an intimate relationship with God

You have every right and ability to live, please do. See, you don’t have to take your own life, someone already did so for you so just that you may live – and live abundantly. When the New Year comes to an end, I’m sure you’d be glad you didn’t kill yourself after all and you’d want to go one more year and another and another… Did I just give a sermon? Oh, my apologies. I just care so much about your life and I believe it can work.

Here’s wishing you bliss in all the days of this new year!

The best of your days are ahead of you!


Author’s Note: Thank you so much for being the drive in my ‘writing’ wheel through the past years; you who have always kept reading, following and dropping comments… I love and appreciate you and look forward to another year of this journey with you.

Queen Oset



5 thoughts on “Suicide: The Law, The Cross, Your Life And The New Year

  1. God bless you love. We must counter the enemies lies with God’s truth—the Cross is His unconditional acceptance of us.

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