Korede Kugbiyi – Guest Writer



Attention Please!!!


Queen Oset’s Blog has a guest writer!

Yup! Yup!

I decided I was going to let him introduce himself so,  I told him to come up with a short piece about himself and the dude ended up sending me an epistle! Here’s what he wrote;

So one time I stared at myself in the mirror and for a while, I just kept looking, and I started laughing out loud ‘cos it was kinda funny actually. You should give it a try you know, seeing yourself laugh at yourself… mehn your madness is on another dimension… LOL! I’m just kidding, it’s good therapy. So as I was saying jare, I stared at the mirror and after I laughed for awhile, I had this bewildered  look on my face, almost as if I was looking at a total stranger, and that look non-verbally screamed a simple question – WHO AM I??

Hmm, big question yeah?…

Funny enough, I couldn’t answer the question very well, and if u can give a very comprehensive and explicit answer about who you TRULY are, telling me why you think and act the way you do sometimes, then I’ll like to meet with you.

Enough serious talk, lemme share with you who this brother is. For starters, I’m not Korede Bello; although we share the first name and we kinda look alike (I am finer; though to be specific, sassier (sexier)LOL!) I am very passionate about two Gs; God and Girls!! ..hehehe.. I’m just kiddin’ about the second part o, I’m a child of God. I’m also very passionate about mental health, so, yup! You are looking at a potential clinical psychologist!

People say I have a very goooooood and charming voice… Eh, I sing and glasses shatter!!! I’m the third in the line of four boys and I have a unique set of brothers mehn.

 My curiosity and knack to just understand people is a blessing and a curse; it makes me think a lot, and according to my friend, I could be very presumptuous. I am a freak of Christian Rap and a I have a deeeeeeeeep desire to know and understand God and His ways!

So that’s me o. As times goes on, you’ll get to know me better *giggles* I’ll get to know me better! *shines teeth*


Isn’t he a breath-taking view?


Korede’s writing style is very different from mine and I hope you’ll like him; I enjoy reading his stuff, they give me an access into his big head!

Welcome on board Korede!

Queen Oset


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