… To every mother who has had to say to their angels who never heard them, ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’ in a moment… And to every child who never got to feel the warmth of  their mother’s arms…

Yes,  I named you even before my eyes set on you
Because I wanted to wake up every morning  to pamper you

My arms itched to bear you
My back craved for the warmth of your body
My soul yearned to sing you lullabies

You disrupted the hormones,
We did not mind
You tossed and kicked,
My heart leaped with joy every time you did
The swollen feet were a delight to behold
Mood swings and cravings made me chuckle
Ajike was coming

My purse felt it
So did my wardrobe;
Even the neighbours
And our home.
Everything had to be perfect for the herald of Ajike

The days rolled by
My bladder held up less longer
One day,  the water finally had it’s way
And the pain tore through me
Ajike was coming!

I screamed
I groaned
The nurses urged
The doctors poked and prodded
Ajike came!

But,  not like I’d hoped
She came without her arrival song
She came silent and gloomy
Her body,  stiff and cold

Ajike came
Her coming shook the nurses heads
Made the doctors sigh
And brought tears to my eyes

Ajike came
Lifeless and stillborn


Photo credit: wallcoo.net


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