Abba’s Letter

By Adeyinka Shittu

It wasn’t easy writing this. This isn’t one of the usual stories/articles I write, the thing you’ll read now is a letter Abba woke me in the dead of night to write just for you.


Dear Child,

The chapters I’m writing in your life will wow the earth. I’m crafting the phrases and fashioning the paragraphs as you read this. Be patient.

You’re Esther. The first chapter doesn’t contain your name but the book is about you. You are one of the many girls in the province of Susa but that’s not all you are. You are emerging. You will serve Mordecai and do menial work. Your knees will quiver when you stand before Haggai. You will feel the animal instinct to run at the smell of Xerxes’ perfume but the divine instinct to win heaven’s applause will sustain you.

I agree with your heart full of fear. Of all the maidens in Persia, you’re not most beautiful but dear one, beauty is not the point. The point is that the book is about you.

You’re not most beautiful but you’re most favoured. You don’t need to have the best brains to win because you have GRACE .

You’re not qualified, you’re called. You’re not lucky, you’re blessed. You’re not a flash in the pan or an ordinary Jewess. You’re Esther and you’re going to be Queen.

You were predestined and fore known and preordained and crowned from the foundations of the world. No matter what part of the first chapter you’re reading, do not forget you’re going to be queen.

The story will end but not without the crown on your head. Haman who plots to have your head will find his swallowed by the hangman’s noose at the gallows. Vashti may be queen now but, she won’t be forever because you are Esther and I have destined you to be queen.

Maybe I got your name wrong.
Maybe you’re not Esther.
Perhaps, you’re a prisoner in the dungeons of Pharaoh because of the lies of your master’s wife. Despite the mud life slings at you, you’re still trying to make pies from it. You’re young and smart and promising yet all anyone ever does is make you chief servant.

I’ve got good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first.

Your life will go south after this. It always gets worse first before it gets better. It’s the principle child. Darkness heralds dawn, death precedes life, and seed goes before harvest comes. Mourning may wrestle with Joy but morning always returns so Joy wins.
Joy always wins.

You’re going down first before you go up because I’m really not faithful to you. I’m faithful to My word. And My word still hasn’t changed.

Be patient. I’m writing chapters in your life that will wow the earth; so shave your beard, dust your clothes, hone your talents and sharpen your skills because you’re leaving prison soon. 

Be prepared to say bye to the jailer at any time. Don’t get comfortable with prison life because, I’m grooming you for palace life. Don’t miss the multi-coloured coat because, I’ve got a much better wardrobe waiting for you. (How would you like a royal robe, a signet ring with a chariot and a beautiful wife?)

I don’t care that your name is Joseph and the first 30 chapters of the history books do not have your name in them. I care about My word and I stand by it to fulfill it.

Although the first chapter doesn’t contain your name, wait. I’m planning for your scenes in the script to steal the show, shame the scoffers and confound the wise. I’m writing. Be patient. And prepared.

From Your Abba.


Do let me know if that letter was yours so I can give you the parts of it I can’t share here. 


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