My IHS Christmas GiveAway – His Reassurance


If you are on my BBM or WhatsApp or you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably had ‘enough’ of my fuss over this IHS win.
Maybe you’re thinking “what’s the excitement about? They’re just books!”
I know, I didn’t think they were precious stones (literally). I knew before I put in for the quiz that if I won, I’d be getting books…

So, why the over-excitement on the win?

It is partly because I have never won anything in my life!
Yes, you read that right. NEVER!
Not even free Coke or recharge card – Nothing!
I have since accepted that I don’t have ‘head for awuf‘ so, it’s no issue for me when people around me get free gifts or ‘win something’. I just celebrate with them where necessary and I move on with my life.
I don’t even try to ‘win anything’.
Mi O l’ori awuf.

So I said it is partly because I won something for the first time in my life (at least, that I can remember).
The other reason, which is the main one, is because God used that win as a ‘come through’ for me. He was right on time!
See, for a while, I’ve had some personal issues; issues that were bordering on psychologically and emotionally paralysing me and, I felt stuck, irredeemable and wanted to give up. I had prayed and I had peace on the issues, trusting God to make it all perfect but, as if He knew (of course, He did) that I’d waver in trust, He decided to show me in plain terms that He meant what He’d said.

And He ‘showed’ you by letting you win books?

A lot of times, we look out for the huge ones… The earth-moving, lightning-accompanied signs; like a voice booming from the skies or a word of prophecy from the Preacher…
But often times, we don’t get those and unfortunately for us, we think that God is ‘not there’ so we despair while this awesome Father is frantically waving His assurance in our faces with the simplest and most unassuming things.

God has no need to impress you!

Remember the still small voice?
Even the unassuming infant born in a manger?
Simple, little reassurances.
Let’s take a challenge this period, shall we? Let us make out minutes, even seconds, to thank God for the simplest things we often overlook in our lives – like sleeping and waking up; a reassurance of His need for you – and ask that He helps us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Don’t forget to give even more special thanks for the unassuming infant born in a manger – the sole reason you can eat all the chicken and rice you want this Christmas.

“… He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him” Isaiah 53:2


Merry Christmas!


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