Sisters Get In Here!

My ‘fellow sisters’, I knew I was finding trouble when I published Brothers Get In Here and trouble, I found.
The brothers af vex!
They came for me – on BBM, WhatsApp and they even ganged up to give me the beating of my life on my way to the library.
One of them chopped enough liver to write a rejoinder!
Who else but the one and only Tosin Atolagbe?
I promised to publish… And I’d also like to invite all other vexing brothers – or sisters – who have vexations, to forward such to
I’d be glad to publish.
The war has begun and here are Tosin’s shots.

To all my beautiful ladies,  let’s look away from the new year resolutions for a second and talk about how ‘HE’ won’t just come alone but how he would come to stay.
Without further aberration;

Most “Mr Rights” usually tilt to the left to access and analyse some basics before they make that move. (Whatever that means?!😒😒)
You don’t need to combine a Christian Louboutin bag with Gucci slippers and a floral rhinestone Gown to look like a mannequin for Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) before the guys tap your shoulders.
The starter pack for Mr right is your carriage and your package. Combine your colours beautifully in all decency and pick a terrific walking step.
Don’t just stride anyhow like Cristiano Ronaldo wants to take a free kick.

Always anticipate a fantastic ‘pick up line’. No bloody civilian should whistle like he lost his dog and you’re already pointing your index finger at yourself like “me? You mean me??”

If you want to tone, biko don’t concentrate on your face and leave your legs to eventually look like half-baked pie.

Lastly, get a nice perfume.
Where lies the honey is where the bees dwell. You can’t be oozing like the water on my granny’s ogi and expect me to say “excuse me”. Even if I say ‘excuse me’,  I wan pass ni oo!

Ah, Lobatan! 😨😒😒
Sisters, there you have it!
As for me, I’m outta here!


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