Who Made God?

If you cannot explain a concept to a six year-old, you really don’t understand it.
Albert Einstein (rephrased)

*. *. *.

It was raining pretty heavily outside. On rainy days, I usually do one of these two things; I pray, or listen to music.
The pitter-patter sound on the roof prevents my voice from being heard so I can sing or pray with reckless abandon.

On this day, my phone and iPod were dead so I was left with the option of praying. Barely five minutes after I began mumbling incomprehensible spiritual jargon, I heard a knock on my door. Normally, I would’ve ignored whoever was at the door but today didn’t feel normal. I broke the beautiful communion I was having with the Father to answer the ‘knocker’.

“Who is that?”
“It’s me.”
Since I was tired of telling my little brother Fela to state his name instead of saying ‘me’, I asked him to come in.

After I assured him that thunderstorms weren’t a sign that the world was ending, he asked me a question;

“Yinka, how did God create the planets, comets and lightning?”

I froze for a microsecond. I knew the creation story and all other theological speculations but, how was I to explain that to a nine year-old? My brother is an avid reader of Jack Canfield and Rhonda Bryne so no answer from the ‘Book of Bible Stories’ would have done it.

After a quick ‘Help me’ prayer to heaven, I explained how the world was like a dark room and God used the power of His imagination and His word to speak things into being like Barney told his friends to. I showed him how systematic God was by creating trees before birds and water before fish. I even made him read the first chapter of Genesis.

Considering that I did well on the first question, he felt comfortable enough to ask me another.

“Who created God.”

Now, I had to laugh. I explained how God just ‘is’ as best as I could.
I compared him to The Architect in the movie ‘The Matrix’.
We discussed other concepts like eternity and the oddness of the fact that God died. After a few jokes about God calling himself ‘I yam that I yam’, we both fell asleep.

Now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t ignore that knock. I’m glad God used me to share Him with another person. I’m glad he didn’t ask that question 30 years later. I’m glad his little heart is already seeking its Creator.

The last person I remember who asked the ‘Who made God’ question is Pearl, my childhood friend, who is currently studying Medicine in China where she believes God is calling her to missions. Now that my brother has started searching, I’m sure he’s going to find a God who loves Him. I’m sure he’ll find a God who thought about him when the first chapter of Genesis was happening.

Fela proves that we all have a sense of God. We all have a yearning, a longing for something that is greater than us. That yearning is the way we find Him. Don’t ever give up that yearning.

“God put an awareness of eternity in the human heart so that men can seek Him.” – King Solomon of Israel (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

This isn’t the rainy season so it’s obvious Adeyinka Shittu wrote this a while back. Check out his more current writing on adeyinkashittu.wordpress.com


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