When It Counts


Today, if I laughed
I’d have the best
Share it with those who my heart holds dearest
And bask in the euphoria adorning it.

Today, if I danced
I’d take its steps with he who my best and worse I’ve sold out
I’d lose myself in his arms
And bathe him with kisses of affection thereafter.

Today, if I had a meal
I’d share it with she who knows father nor mother, foe nor friend, warmth nor wears, grain nor fluid
I’d take time to savour her smile more than the food
And leave filled with that.


Today, if I had a chance
I’d remember the ones I’ve lost
Not let this one out of my grip
And not fail to remember that it goes as easily as it comes

Today, if I took my last breath
I’d take it in the presence of the ones I’ve had meaning with
I’d take it gently and deeply
And make my victory salute as it slowly fades away.

When it counts

In honour of fellow aspiring-gentlemen-of-the-bar, who have fallen out in the midst of the struggle, creating vacuums ‘unfillable’… You made your today count.

Photo Credits: Smart And Savvy Mom;
PumpUp Blog


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