On Being A Christian

God made man in His image and man returned the favour. – Voltaire


We sat in the car for two hours straight, trading feelings.

“Queen, don’t you ever think that maybe God doesn’t exist? I mean, look at all the earthquakes and heartache; what if it’s proof that God is just a figment of our twisted imagination?”

“Of course I think that some times. But then, if God isn’t real, what then is the essence of living and the purpose of breathing?”

“Maybe we’re alive to do good deeds and die honourably.” I said, looking everywhere but in her eyes.

“Or maybe we were created by God to love and be loved.” She cut in.
She picked up an orange and sliced it in two; so engrossed in the action she couldn’t hear my heart fuming.

Am I the only one who thinks maybe, just maybe Frederick Nietzche was right? Maybe God is dead? Who else feels like religion and spirituality are giant scams served on the platter of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and what have you?

“So you’re saying you don’t buy the idea of being ‘Christian’ anymore?”

“I guess so, ” I answered, trying to sound confident.

Her phone rang and she dismissed it.
(Note to self: marry that one girl who can ignore her phone for you.)

“Let’s clear the air a bit” she continued, throwing the seeds of the orange she had been eating out of the window.
(Some people will just never learn to keep Nigeria clean.)
“What exactly does it mean to be Christian?”

“You know, same ol’, same ol'” I sighed, fumbling with the tiny cross on my wrist.

“You have to believe the doctrine of the Trinity, the immaculate conception and the ungrounded theory that God is a man”

“And that’s the problem. I understand the concept of Trinity but, I don’t fully accept it. Besides, God is not male or female, He is above sex and beyond gender.”

She gave me a look that could make stone statues catch life.

“Hold it Yinka! Hold it right there! Being Christian isn’t about accepting the most popular theology or adhering to doctrine that changes like weather. Being Christian is about being like Christ. It’s a state of being, not a set of beliefs.”

And with those words, she set me straight like reparative therapy has been unable to. And it dawned on me like God’s glory on Mary…

Being Christian isn’t being able to quote John 3:16, it’s being able to live the truth of John 3:16.

“Yinka, I know it’s not easy but whatever you do, don’t forget that God is, and one thing he isn’t is ‘dead’. God is not dead. He’s as real as the pain you feel when you miss a book fair”

“The numbers to faith don’t ever add up you know? You’re the one who says all the time that faith makes a mockery of whatever makes sense. I suggest you start walking by faith instead of complaining about how walking by faith hurts”.

With that, we said our goodbyes, I got out of her car and she drove off into the traffic jam that had already started some 200 metres ahead. It was then that I discovered we had been debating God in front of a church.


Adeyinka Shittu is a diehard Christian who is currently exploring atheism and the possibility of chocolate being in heaven. Don’t worry, he’s not crazy.

I know. I know... 😥😥😥 Just ignore the hat!

Queen’s Note: That’s Adeyinka and I during one of our so many ‘car hangouts’. It’s where I get to talk sense into his almost-crazy head.
However, I cannot say ‘the Queen’ in this conversation was me, seeing that she threw stuff out the car!
I know I wouldn’t do that… Yinka, oya come and explain oh!

Photo Credit: Adeyinka Shittu


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