Dear Asake

Dear Asake,

I should have written to you long before now.
I apologise for having not.
Blame it on my being self-absorbed and distracted.
I’m here now.
Asake, I heard you’re still there.
I heard you haven’t left.
I heard you said you’re still waiting…
Asake, isn’t it apparent he’s gone and probably not returning?

I know you loved him – maybe you still do – but, should you because of that stall living?
Asake, I think you should leave, I think you should move on.
If he loved you half as much as you do him, he wouldn’t have left at first.
But what do I know?

Asake, you are precious.
You are a jewel and he is such a big fool for having not seen that.
He is a fool for not knowing that you are to be pampered and kept.
Asake, he lost, not you.
I need you to know that.

You’ve asked again and again, “What do I do with the child he left me with?”
How about starting with the determination that you will make sure she has the best of life?
That you will raise her a brave and kind woman, loving God and the works of His hands.

Asake, you are young, strong and beautiful.
Do not let life slip by you why you still can live it.
Your life isn’t anchored on his, it’s anchored on Love; and Love has been beckoning all these while – still is.

Asake, rise and live.
Laugh in the face of hurt and despair and crush ’em in the ground with the soles of your strong feet.
He lost, not you.

Asake, I wish you would dare to explore your strength and confound your weaknesses because in your weaknesses lie strength.

Open your eyes and let the world see the beauty of the love in it and flaunt the splendor of your frame; raise your head and let the world see how strong those shoulders have been made…

Remember that you were made to reveal glory;
His Glory.

You were made a MASTERPIECE.

I will always pray for you.

Love & Grace.


Queen’s Note: It’s interesting, the life of a writer – where inspiration comes from.
I saw that picture on a friend’s DP and I knew I had to write this.
To all women broken and hurt, my heart reaches to you, my prayers are for you. Maybe I know just a tad of your hurt too.
I hope you muster enough strength to leave.
Asake, I hope you live.


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