5 Nigerian Foods That I Consider Over-hyped

Let me start by sincerely apologising to my non-Nigerian readers for, you shall not understand what is going on here. I just have to do this!
Huge hugs for you guys though…

1. Ponmo

Credit: Sisiolobekayn

Need I state the obvious reason behind my feeling of over-hypness of this thing Nigerians treat like gold??? It is just cow hide!
Cow hide!!!
It has no nutritional value nor any value whatsoever other than to be cooked and chewed and chewed and chewed.
God help you if the cooker of your Ponmo did not cook it well, you wee enterit!

Although I have to say that this one looks kinda delicious 🙍

2. Ijebu Gari

The almighty cassava flakes, saving the souls of Nigerian students since 1666!
I like Gari (PhemieMichael, notice how I have been helping you to ‘capitalize’ the letter G?) but, I don’t think it is almighty… Maybe it is.
I think I actually don’t have a valid argument for my hate.😩

If you serve Gari like this... You're a celestial being!

3. Jollof Rice

The drumsticks on this one look really good though

This one actually really tire me!
What is it sef?!
Did Jollof Rice just come into existence? Or a revelation just dawned on you people !
Enough of the Jollof Rice hype!

Yes, I am vexed!

Rice is rice! It comes in varieties, end of story. If you prefer a variety to the others, good for you.
Don’t come and make one god!

4. Dodo

I know they will come for me for even daring to add Dodo to this list of mine but, biko, it is fried plantain and nothing more.

Fried plantain!
Hian! 😌

5. Shoprite Bread

This one, I just do not get.
The way people queue up just to get this thing, you’d be amazed – if you’re not one of them.
NSG recently did a review of this wonders-shall-never-end loaf on her blog and so many of those that commented agreed with her…
Were you people agege-bread deprived ni? Because if you were not, you will know that this is just agege-bread scam!

And someone decided to put 'all of them' on one plate... 😐
Brother, please!

Photo Credits: africanhome.com; zikoko.com; seriouseats.com; gidistable.com; Funke Koleosho’s Food Blog; fi2w.org; dammybas.blogspot.com.


9 thoughts on “5 Nigerian Foods That I Consider Over-hyped

  1. Queen!!! If not that you spelt ‘Garri’ with capital G, I for totally ‘de-Bestielize’ you now now.
    You put Garrium sulphate on this list? And dodo again?…
    Honestly, at this particular point in time,I have come to the sudden realization and conclusion that you CANNOT be satisfied.
    True talk.

    …annoyed Garri addict

    1. So I’m partially de-bestilized?
      Ah ahn na… I was only telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
      But shey you noticed that it’s not like I have any valid point against Gari

  2. Some things are not just right. this is so wrong…U can insult shop rite bread but panmo, dodo, jollof rice. The gods will never forgive you Queen. what else am I to eat and not to mention the fact that I just joined the garri addicts club. I’m vexed…really!

  3. U have totally disrespect the DODO(dodo is like an invisible being which materializes in the form of sweetness to spread joy and good tiding all around)….u shall hear from us….;). πŸ™‚

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