Be Encouraged!

By Sharon Olanrewaju
A Rat was feeling discouraged,depressed and out of rigour.
I was called upon as her only source of succor.
To cheer her up,
brighten her spirit,
flatter her a little,
any chatter to make her feel bigger.

I searched her over
“Whao! Not even a good cover,
Just black and messy all over.
Nothing impressive,
Nothing at all.”

She bluffed,
“Give up loser,
Take a look at me,
There is nothing left to ponder
I’m a ‘small-for-nothing’
solely meant for slaughter.
My life’s but a weary dream,
No one could ever wake me up to a better realm”

“Arrrrrgh…I can’t fail at this,
It’s the crest of my success,
The best of my knowledge,
I always encourage
Damn! I’m the encourager.
I find cures in flaws…
Or…maybe God was wrong
Perhaps not all was belle as he had thought.
Forgive my rude thoughts;
but almost soiled I stand,
before a smelly black Rat
I’m ashamed this would be:
My hardest job ever!”

Then my heart did a flip
I raised my head,
clapped my hands,
tapped my fingers,
jumped to my feet,
yelling,”I’VE FOUND IT!”

I stooped, grinned at her, then spoke:
“See Rattus!
When I watch a white man’s movie
and see their pink lips moving.
I always wish I had such a thing as that,
So I’ll have no need to sleek my lips any more.
For even if I licked my lips sore,
they never would maintain that virgin colour”

I gallivanted the Rat,
but she was glued to where she sat.
Looking bored,
perhaps wondering,
“Could a human really be this silly?!”

I continued nonetheless,
Not even her derisive look,
could make of me a quit.
I’ll win!
I always win!
I had started on this,
So I went on like this:

“but take a look at you, Oh Rattus!
You have the pinky I’ve never had.
You ask, ‘where?’
It’s right there in your eyes!
Oh, such beauty!
Any girl would trip for such loveliness in a man,
as long as he had such rareness,
right on his lips”

See the softer furs you have all over,
How I wish I could have some left over,
I’ll wish them to my brows.
Then all boys would slump at the sight of me.
All girls would grump in topmost jealousy,
at such full brows as I would have.
If only your furs would stay put,
they will make the finest news:
‘The girl with the fullest brows’
What a proud cock I’ll be,
Head up, Shoulders high,
my crow as loud as can be,
If only I could have a little of your fiery fur.
Can you not see?
You’re favoured sure,
with such pink colour and deep fur!

My furry friend was sure happy,
her eyes boggling bright,
seemed will pop out rolling.
Merrily, Merrily, she sang:
“My life is but a dream”

I was blest with words right,
even in a Rat’s sight;
So whatever is your plight,
be sure there’s always something right,
Are we not humans?
God imaged?
Be encouraged!

Hello! My name is Sharon.
I have a passion for anything that has to do with performing; writing, talking, acting, singing and, I love to reach out to people through these means. I, however detest facades and pride and I try not to be any of that, both in my writing and in reality. You should also know that I love cleaning, having my lone time, being with loved ones and eating ‘MAKE SENSE’ Shawarma and Pizzas.

Queen’s Note: Do I have to say anything anymore?
Sharon sure has spoken for herself.
She’s the ‘fresh kid’  on this blog! 😁

Welcome hun!


3 thoughts on “Be Encouraged!

  1. Haha. Fresh kid on the blog.

    Word here. What people need is motivation. Encouragement.
    Well, sometimes, ridicule and/or failure could be amazing motivation too. Well said

    “Damn it, I’m the encourager”

  2. Well, I’m gon act like I’m a loved one too. Well inspiringly expressed. Are we not humans? God imaged? #thumbsup…

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