A Long One To My True Love – #LoverGirl Series

By Sharon Olanrewaju

“How handsome you are my dearest;
how you delight me!
The green grass will be our bed…
I am only a wild flower in Sharon,
a lily in a mountain valley”
SONG OF SONGS 1:16 – 2:1


I wonder my love
at why you tarry so long.
I wait all night,
just to hear your pebble knock,
or your whistle call.
Are you afraid you’ll destroy my glass window?
or scared my father will show up angry at the door way?
Are you afraid I’ll say no?

My love, I’ve fallen for you
and I can’t get back up.
You’ve filled my empty cup
with your strength and beauty.
I lay down and dream of the one I love.
In the late evenings,
I ply the rose garden,
hoping you will show up,
as the lovers do in the ‘Merican movies.

I’m now in love with lilies,
I sniff them up and down; I really think it’s silly,
but I do it all the same.
Now, I sing like those in the Indian movies,
I hate to do that; You know I hate Indian movies,
but I do it all the same,
You make me do it.
You make me sing,
‘cos I see you in every face.
My love, do not delay any longer,
For there is no love in the grave,

Come then, my love;
My darling, come with me”

Have you forgotten?
How you carefully held my chin,
you looked into my eyes,
You laid your head on my laps,
I wasn’t sure what to do; whether to touch your hair – your black, full, fluffy hair,
or to leave my hands hanging in the air.
I dared to touch it though,
and it was the best feeling ever
or was I the only one who felt that way?
Didn’t you feel the same?

What about the long stares?
I felt like you could see into my soul.
I couldn’t even look back at you,
I couldn’t dare to look into your eyes,
I was scared I’ll lose it all to you.  
What about the long talks,
they made me laugh,
they made me think,
they made me smile,
they made me talk but most of all,
they made me long for more.
Am I the only one who felt that way?
Or are you scared of what people will say?

I hear what people say too.
They say I’m only being silly.
They say one day, the scales will fall from my eyes
but I’m not scared!
If there are scales,
let them fall
and when they fall,
may I fall deeper in love with you.

I know what I feel,
I feel what I feel
and no one can take it away from me.

“Promise me women of Jerusalem,
Swear by the Swift deer and the gazelles
that you will not interrupt our love.”

So if you’re not sure baby,
I’ll understand.
At a time,
I also wasn’t sure of my feelings for you. But when your silence started to hurt, and the distance bit at my heart,
and when I started talking to myself,
like a mad woman;
telling myself I’ll be fine without you for a day,
telling myself that I don’t care so much about you,
then I knew this is it,
‘cos If I’ve got no feelings,
then they can’t be hurt.


“My lover is handsome and strong;
he is one in ten thousand.
His face is bronzed and smooth;
his hair is wavy,
black as a raven.
His eyes are as beautiful as doves
by a flowing Brook,
doves washed in milk and
standing by the stream.
His cheeks are as lovely as a garden
that is full of herbs and spices.
His lips are like lilies,
wet with liquid myrrh.
His hands are well formed,
and he wears ring sets with gems.
His body is like smooth ivory,
with sapphires set in it.
His thighs are columns of alabaster
set in sockets of gold.
He is majestic, like the Lebanon Mountains
with their towering cedars.
His mouth is sweet to kiss;
everything about him enchants me.
This is what my lover is like, women of Jerusalem”
– SONG OF SONGS 5:10-16

You are my love.

Photo Credits: freeteacherclipart.com ; i2clipart.com


6 thoughts on “A Long One To My True Love – #LoverGirl Series

  1. ‘If there are scales,let them fall and when they fall,may I fall deeper in love with you.’ Amen to that!
    I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Lols! The part where he put his head..”…less” #winks. on Ur lad and u dared to touch sounds a bit familiar to me though. Lols. Nice work.

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