Getting Queen To Write Again

Hey guys! So I got this mail yesterday and I thought to share. You can laugh along (as I did) or side the sender 😑

Dear Queen Oset’s Blog readers,

I believe I’m not the only one who has noticed that the last time Queen Oset published anything she wrote herself was Easter Sunday (or so).

I like Queen’s writing for the same reason I like Shoprite bread (even though she dissed the bread in one of her blog posts).  It’s rich, full and incredibly satisfying like jollof rice; which she claims is overrated. (Come to think of it, somebody who beefs Shoprite bread and Jollof rice has deep,  dark secrets. Queen what are you hiding?)

Although Sharon Olanrewaju and Adeyinka Shittu are doing a good job of filling the space, I’m a bit tired of Sharon’s long articles and Adeyinka’s hyper-spiritual stories.  (No hard feelings people). What I need is a Queen-story or a Queen-rant.

Can someone explain? What happened to our Queen? Is she lying in a hospital bed in vegetative state? In that case, can I have her address so I can send her flowers? (You can’t blame my imagination for wanting an explanation).

Or can the Queen herself answer us?

Yours sincerely,
Concerned and depressed and will-soon-commit-suicide-if Queen-doesnt-reply fan.


2 thoughts on “Getting Queen To Write Again

  1. Lol…I just might be with the sender on this😂….You still haven’t answered though…”is she lying in a hospital bed in vegetative state!?” lol

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