It Is Important That We Read Books… And The Bible Too

By Sharon Olanrewaju

And I can hear the Heavens laughing already; Sharon wants to write about reading 😂ROTFLOL.

But I’ll do this anyway, I’ll write on the significance of reading, or learning as a whole. So, sit back and learn 😋
I’m not so much a big fan of reading books; It’s just not so much fun when compared to sleeping. I, however, observed something recently: when I stop reading anything at all, seeing movies (Dope movies, not dumb ones), seeing how people’s lives are trending online –  via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – I begin to get stale. Whatever I write or say seems to be void of substance – at least, so it seems to me.

In class, my mates are arguing about the reasons Buhari is worse than Goodluck Jonathan as the president of the Nation. I don’t agree but I don’t have facts because I’ve not listened to the news in ages nor read any updates (It’s not my fault na, there is no light!) but I want to talk so, I talk, and when I talk, there is silence. Sharon just said nonsense!
Then I begin to wish I had not spoken because they bombard me with facts and I have nothing to say in defence. Poor unlearned me!


I realised that a major problem people have with reading is that they think they have to read everything so, when they are not interested in a particular article or piece, they conclude they cannot read.
There are boring books. Don’t beat yourself up when you find it boring, just look for something else to read.

So you don’t love reading papers? There is the T.V., you can also listen to music, learn about celebrities online, be inspired, talk to people with great minds… Anything! Anything! Just keep learning so you keep living.

So about the Bible, for those who care to read it. I once heard someone brag about how he read twenty chapters of the Bible one morning *RollsEyes* So he makes his listener feel guilty for not being able to read two chapters.
But I’m wondering, are we in a Bible reading competition? No. We are in life and the only person you have to compete with is your mind, which needs renewal. I realised that when I stop reading Scriptures, my mind starts to become a play ground, different stuff begin to spring up – anger, lust, etcetera – and, that’s what the Bible is meant for; to renew your mind!
As Andrew Wommack said, ” There is power in the Word, just the Word”. No explanation, no sermons!

So you read twenty chapters, who you epp! I repeat, we are not in a Bible reading competition people! Encourage the weak brother with scriptures, not overwhelm him with your bible-study prowess.
They say you do not know what you have until you lose it. I believe that point where we begin to feel empty and void when we do not read, or rather, when we do not learn and even when we do not read scriptures and we are driven back to reading and learning, that is the point we begin to grow.

May we thirst for more knowledge all our lives so the world will become a better place more and more.



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