I have been writing for as long as I can remember… maybe I started sometime around my 6th year… on earth😊 or thereabout because I remember vividly how I’ll use my spare 2A, B or D notes to write stories that well, I’d say had no ‘head nor tail’.

I’m not sure now but I think that used to get my mum upset somehow. I mean, you buy notebooks for your child to use in school but they in the stead use them for stories… Infact, the manner in which I used them must be what infuriated her more. I’m Melancholic and because perfectionism is our greatest strength and most critical weakness, I’d drop a notebook I’d used for a story – even if it was just 3 pages of it – and pick a new one for another story – and use just a few pages of that one too – and pick a new one for another story… or even the same story when I felt the notebook was ‘too rough’.

So, I wrote every and any story. Village setting, city girl, school children, family, anything that ‘formed’ in my head. I kept at this and grew to spending my money – when I began to get the stipends for snacks in Secondary school… and the ones I stole (Yes, I’m that bad daughter who stole money from her parents. I’m happy for those of you who didn’t) – on buying notebooks and pens to write my stories with.

They were always stories. Always. Well, maybe a few poems but, almost always stories.

Why am I telling you all of these?

Just wait.

I started a blog sometime in 2012. My then-roommate showed me the blog of one of her friends and since I used to write alot (and was working on what I think is my best completed story so far), I felt – and I think she mentioned too – that I could start a blog too.

So, I did. I think it was called “YoursSincerelyMe” or something like that. It ended woefully not too long after that. That’s story for another day.

I started QueenOset’sBlog when sef? 2013 I think. I started it when I thought I was finally ready to let the world share in my gift. Writing.

Yup. My gift.

I’ve always considered my ability to write a gift. I believe I was equipped to be a writer. Penning words is my voice. If you know me well enough, you’ll know I’m a better writer than I am a speaker.

I started blogging, with the hopes and belief that I’ll be able to run one. Maybe my writers would find me totally awesome and I’d become a famous writer through it. 

I found out as I began to take my writing more seriously that to be an awesome writer, it takes more than being gifted. It takes practice. It takes consistency. It takes discipline. Consciously ‘polishing the gift’. It’s like having a baby. It doesn’t just grow, you have to feed it – well, if you desire that it grows. And grows well.

For a while I’ve considered ‘coming back’to my blog. But, I have been looking for the perfect post for a comeback in this drought I’ve been in. Yes, I’ve been in some sought of creative drought.

I put my blog aside to face Law School and my Bar Exams sometime last year, starting from July. I had planned on resuming after ‘recovering from law school’which was supposed to be sometime around October – ko werk.

 What happened? Well, when October came? Long story – for another day.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been looking for the perfect comeback post. 

No, I haven’t found it. This afternoon, it struck me that I will never find it.
So, instead of the perfect post – which I’m not sure I’ve never had -I was inspired to pen this. 

I don’t even know what category to put this in. So, I’ll just let you read and maybe, just maybe, this is my perfect comeback post.

Let me just say this before I leave – Writers do a lot of work. Writing is a lot of work. Yes, we hunch over our keyboards and allow our fingers fly away on the keys, hoping they’ll convey what our minds bear, downing tons of coffee and wearing same sweatpants for days. It really looks like we’re doing nothing…

… I have no words to say to you that think writing and writers are nothing. Maybe some other day. But I think for now, I’ll just pray for your soul; that God forgives you, really.

For now, again, I have to go.

P. S: I discovered I have a lot of  maybes  and reallys in this piece. I choose to not edit them😊


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