A Long One To My True Love – #LoverGirl Series

By Sharon Olanrewaju

“How handsome you are my dearest;
how you delight me!
The green grass will be our bed…
I am only a wild flower in Sharon,
a lily in a mountain valley”
SONG OF SONGS 1:16 – 2:1


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Be Encouraged!

By Sharon Olanrewaju
A Rat was feeling discouraged,depressed and out of rigour.
I was called upon as her only source of succor.
To cheer her up,
brighten her spirit,
flatter her a little,
any chatter to make her feel bigger.

I searched her over
“Whao! Not even a good cover,
Just black and messy all over.
Nothing impressive,
Nothing at all.”

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When It Counts


Today, if I laughed
I’d have the best
Share it with those who my heart holds dearest
And bask in the euphoria adorning it.

Today, if I danced
I’d take its steps with he who my best and worse I’ve sold out
I’d lose myself in his arms
And bathe him with kisses of affection thereafter.

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For The Child

Syrian child trying to shield his sibling from missiles

To the child unknown,
Whose identity is lost somewhere in the multitude of nations
Even though his name is constantly sung in a tuneless rhythm
To the song of abuse and slavery;

To the child unheard,
Whose cries are muffled by the roar of a thousand pursuits;
The ambition of his father,
The greed of his mother;

To the child unborn,
Whose destiny is yanked away by the suction of the mother who wants him not
Though she, in a moment of fleeting passion, called for him from whence he in peace lay;
And turned her back on him before he could even put a face to his voice;

To the child undaunted,
Who fights his way to the peak,
Resisting every urge to give up
And finally stands tall a champion;

To you child, I write,
Praising your victory,
Comforting your grief,
Recognising your voice,
Saluting your identity.

A girl studying by her roadside groundnut-selling spot

Photo Credits: http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2015/03/heartbreaking-photo-of-syrian-boy.html?m=1


… To every mother who has had to say to their angels who never heard them, ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’ in a moment… And to every child who never got to feel the warmth of  their mother’s arms…

Yes,  I named you even before my eyes set on you
Because I wanted to wake up every morning  to pamper you

My arms itched to bear you
My back craved for the warmth of your body
My soul yearned to sing you lullabies

You disrupted the hormones,
We did not mind
You tossed and kicked,
My heart leaped with joy every time you did
The swollen feet were a delight to behold
Mood swings and cravings made me chuckle
Ajike was coming

My purse felt it
So did my wardrobe;
Even the neighbours
And our home.
Everything had to be perfect for the herald of Ajike

The days rolled by
My bladder held up less longer
One day,  the water finally had it’s way
And the pain tore through me
Ajike was coming!

I screamed
I groaned
The nurses urged
The doctors poked and prodded
Ajike came!

But,  not like I’d hoped
She came without her arrival song
She came silent and gloomy
Her body,  stiff and cold

Ajike came
Her coming shook the nurses heads
Made the doctors sigh
And brought tears to my eyes

Ajike came
Lifeless and stillborn


Photo credit: wallcoo.net

The Thirst Of My Soul


I awoke every morning hopeless and weary

At night, I shut my eyes in sleep afraid and worried – worried about how long my despair would last

My smiles never went beyond the spread of my lips and my laughter rang dry and empty even in my own ears.

My days were spent in frustration and anger

Angry I was – at myself. At the life I was given. At the world I had been placed in.

I went about my duties with a weight upon my shoulders

A yawning vacuum filled my soul

A thirst took its abode within me

Bodies of water could not satisfy it.

I wanted to give up, to end it all

Death beckoned onto me

“End it all” He said to me.

I paid him attention; he seemed to have a great offer

Of what use was the life I lived?

“No, don’t end it! I know what can satisfy the thirst of your soul” a friend said to me

“What is it?” I asked her

“Men” She told me

And she gave me a man.

He pampered me and doted on me

But it all made my soul thirst more

The yawning vacuum increased.

Again, death beckoned to me

“End it all” He said to me.

I paid him attention again

Of what use was the life I lived?

“No, don’t end it! I know what can satisfy the thirst of your soul” The man said to me

“What is it?” I asked

“Money” He told me

And he gave me money.

I had lots of it

Every currency and denomination I wanted

It got me all I wanted but not what I needed – the satisfaction of my soul

I left all of it and went in search of Death

He wasn’t far away

Just at my reach

I fell at his feet and asked him to take away the yawning vacuum in my soul

I asked him to take the life that was of no use to me.

And then, all of a sudden, I heard a voice like that of bodies of water

“Let Me help you” He said to me

I looked up from the feet of death and into the eyes of Life

He stretched out those arms built with mercy and love

He bent over and raised me to my feet

Into my ears, with the sweetest voice ever, he sang the greatest love song of all time

He pulled me into his bosom and wiped my tears

And there, I drank

And my thirst was satisfied.

To You, My Child


Dear child,

When you were born, the doctors said, “It’s a girl!” I beamed with smiles

After a few years, they called you a lady and then, a woman; what the first man actually called you

But, I’ll call you a masterpiece.

This masterpiece is professionally designed by the greatest creator of all time, me

In fact, I’ll like to say that you’re the greatest creation of the greatest creator

There’s splendor in your frame, grace in your steps, warmth in your body, love in your eyes and comfort in your voice.

I look at you and I see shoulders that seem so frail but are strong enough to bear the burdens of generations;

I see eyes so deep and fashioned to speak love and kindness;

I see a back firm enough to hold future leaders;

I see arms strong enough to pull the world together, put it in place and push it apart;

I see feet that I designed to leave indelible prints in the sand of time.

I fashioned you so strong that you can cry all night and laugh all day as if everything was in place,

You can carry burdens in your hands as well as in your heart and still maintain your balance,

You were made to multi-task better than an all-purpose machine,

You can make and you can mar,

Life grows within and without you…

But you fail.

You fail to recognize your strength,

You fail to recognize that you’re unstoppable,

That the world is at your feet.

You fail to acknowledge your power, your glory, and your awesome form;

You’re abused, your strength misused, your grace and glory trampled upon and your beauty hidden.

My child, you do not remember that you’re a masterpiece,

That your voice can heal generations,

You hands can build generations

And your feet can lead generations…

Oh, how I wish you would just rise up and take a step,

How I wish you would dare to open your mouth and speak,

How I wish you would dare to lay your hands and build and change and make,

How I wish you would dare to say ‘no!’ to abuse and misuse,

How I wish you would dare to explore your strength and confound your weaknesses because in your weaknesses lie strength,

How I wish you would open your eyes and let the world see the beauty of the love in it and flaunt the splendor of your frame,

How I wish you would realize that generations look up to you

And how I wish you would raise your head and let the world see how strong those shoulders have been made…

How I wish you would realize that you were made to reveal glory; My glory,

You were made a MASTERPIECE.

From a Father with an aching heart.