I Imagine Him #ThrowBackPoem


So here’s the last in the #ThrowBackPoem series… Thanks for reading. I really hope you loved my simple, innocent words…

</emI sat down
Closed my eyes
And imagined what He looks like
I got so many pictures in my head

I imagined Him as a bright little candle in a dark room
I imagined Him as a deep, blue ocean
As endless space
As a cute beautiful dove

I got the picture of Him as a handsome young man
Dressed in sparkling white robe
I imagined Him as music in a sorrowful heart
I imagined Him as cold water to a dehydrated soul
I imagined Him as a stem of red rose amongst a bush of thorns

I couldn't help imagining Him as an extinguisher to a burning heart
A lake in a desert
A little plant on a hard rock

I couldn't help painting Him as a smile
A laugh
A song
As joy.

With all of these,
He's GOD.



Life #ThrowBackPoem


Life, Oh life
Life is not all about fame
It’s not all about wealth
Life is not all about fashion and the vogue
Life is not all about parties and drinks
Neither is it all about roses and lilies

Life is more about the intangible
The things you don’t know how far they go but can go very far
Life is about the touch
The impact, the feelings

Life is all about the footprint
The one in the sand of the heart
It’s all about the change and the differences made

The seen fade
But the unseen go a long way.
That’s what life is all about.