“…And That’s How I Would Have Committed Suicide”

By Sharon Olanrewaju

You know, often times when I hear or read people give testimonies like:
“I was depressed and tired of life, I wanted to commit suicide. No one cared about me, I was an insignificant part of everyone’s life. Even my family never cared for me. The day I decided I was going to put an end to it all, an end to my life, I was walking down the road and saw this lady who smiled at me. I was so surprised I wasn’t even sure if I was supposed to smile back. I felt so special, at least one person noticed me and gave me a smile; that smile changed my life and because of that I decided against commiting suicide”

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On Being A Christian… Again

By Adeyinka Shittu

WARNING: This piece is not for the faint-hearted or religiously inclined people who are unwilling to see 


“I’ve been hypertensive since June 2015” he says, swirling a petri dish. 

I look at him from the corner of my glasses. He’s about my height, with skin the colour of ripened dates and a head full of hair. He’s not many years older than me (and I’m a few months shy of 20) but he’s hypertensive. 

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