Who Made God?

If you cannot explain a concept to a six year-old, you really don’t understand it.
Albert Einstein (rephrased)

*. *. *.

It was raining pretty heavily outside. On rainy days, I usually do one of these two things; I pray, or listen to music.
The pitter-patter sound on the roof prevents my voice from being heard so I can sing or pray with reckless abandon.

On this day, my phone and iPod were dead so I was left with the option of praying. Barely five minutes after I began mumbling incomprehensible spiritual jargon, I heard a knock on my door. Normally, I would’ve ignored whoever was at the door but today didn’t feel normal. I broke the beautiful communion I was having with the Father to answer the ‘knocker’.

“Who is that?”
“It’s me.”
Since I was tired of telling my little brother Fela to state his name instead of saying ‘me’, I asked him to come in.

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